Night Train to Kazan is a moving story narrated by Rustem Hayroudinoff, a virtuoso concert pianist, about his family and especially about his father. Afzal Hayroudinoff fought at the battle of Stalingrad and was badly wounded but went on to become the first Professor of Cello at the Music Conservatoire in Kazan, Russia.

The Cinematographer / Director, Max Robinson was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in the category Multimedia for this film.

Rustem Hayroudinoff is a Goodwill Ambassador for the charity Rainbows4children

Lioness tells the story of how thousands of women in Tigray, Ethiopia joined the struggle to free the country from the dictatorship of the Derg regime during the civil conflict of 1974 - 1991. Many of the women featured in this documentary film send their children to the Nicolas School in Ethiopia. This school was built by the charity Rainbows4children to educate children of parents with disabilities that resulted from war injuries.

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